October Newsletter

2025 Reunion
September 13, 2022

October Newsletter

1. MAJGEN Susan Coyle & LTCOL Murray Heron with Federation Star Presentation & Chief of Army’s Certificate of Appreciation 2. LTCOL Murray Heron with his wife Amanda & family; with his brother Jeff & his wife Jan 3. LTCOL Murray Heron with Federation Star Presentation & Chief of Army’s Certificate of Appreciation 4. MAJGEN Susan Coyle sharing some humorous insight of LTCOL Murray Heron’s 40-Year Career


Correspondence from Her Royal Highness, our Colonel in Chief

Appointment of new Head of Corps (HOC)

Celebrating 40 years of service - LTCOL Murray 'Muzza' Heron

Regional Reps - Update

Remembrance Day 2022 - an invitation if you are in Sydney

A copy of a letter to the President from her Royal Highness.

Order of the Day from the new HOC, COL Ruth Weir

Celebrating 40 years of service - LTCOL Murray 'Muzza' Heron

Many members will have served with, know, or know of Murray; a stalwart of the Corps.

On 25 August 2022 at Duntroon House Officers’ Mess, with family and friends in attendance, Murray was presented with the Federation Star to his Defence Force Service Medal (DFSM), for 40 years’ service, by MAJGEN Susan M Coyle, AM CSC DSM, Head Information Warfare.

Murray enlisted as an Army Apprentice on 13 January 1982, following three brothers, his father & grandfather, who also served in the Australian Army. On graduation in 1985, Murray was initially allocated to RAEME but, after attending RMC from June 1989, he was allocated to RACT in 1990, before transferring to RACMP in January 1996.

Murray’s key Corps roles have included Commandant of the Defence Police Training Centre (2006), Commanding Officer of the 1st Military Police Battalion (2007-08), Provost Marshal – Army (2011-12) and Head of Corps in 2012, where he hosted the then Duchess of Cornwall on her inauguration as our Colonel-in-Chief.

Murray has served overseas: with 160 Provost Coy/5th Airborne Brigade Provost Unit in the UK; operationally in Bougainville, Timor-Leste and Afghanistan; on instructional postings to Staff Colleges in Malaysia and Canada; and more recently as Assistant Defence Advisor, in Papua New Guinea. He is currently serving in what is likely to be his final posting in Army and the Corps as Director of Knowledge and Intelligence, Joint Military Police Unit.

Murray has been awarded the Australian Active Service Medal with East Timor and ICAT Clasps, the INTERFET Medal, the Australian Service Medal with Bougainville Clasp, the DFSM with Federation Star for 40 years’ service, and the Australian Defence Medal. For his significant effort to the peace operation in Bougainville, he was awarded a Commander Australian Theatre Commendation.

Regional Reps - update

Thank you to those who have already put their hand up to be a regional rep. So far, we have reps for Tassie (Tim Weir), Newcastle (Peter Hubber) and Brisbane (Al Dorber and/or Brain 'Moose' Marfleet - TBC). We just have to fill in the blanks....

Remembrance Day 2022

The following is a (edited) message from WO1 Grant Johnson, RSM - Defence Force School of Policing (DFSP) inviting all MPAA members to the DFSP Remembrance Day Ceremony at Holsworthy, NSW:

Start of message

I have sent a formal DFSP Remembrance Day (11 Nov 22) Service invitation from the CO (LTCOL Emma Broder, CSM).
The invitation is open to all members of the MPAA and if they would like to attend. Pertinent details are as follows:

Date / Time: 1020 for 1030 on Friday 11 Nov 22

Place: Defence Force School of Policing, Lamia Barracks, Holsworthy

Official Guests: RACMP Head of Corps (COL Ruth Weir, CSC) and RACMP COL COMDT (COL Brian Cox, CSC, ESM)

Dress: Informal

RSVP: Please send all returns to grant.johnson@defence.gov.au utilising the attached DFSP Visitor register before 28 Oct 22 in order to facilitate barracks access

If you require any further details please let me know and I hope you and the other members of the MPAA can join the CO and I.



End of message

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